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AI Experts Discuss Future Impact of Storytelling at KVIFF Industry Panel: It’s Going Nowhere


Synthetic intelligence and the way in which ahead for storytelling

The affect of artificial intelligence (AI) on our lives and the way the way forward for storytelling was explored in depth by Japan’s Guarantee Enterprise program throughout this yr’s Karlovy Totally different World Film Contest. The keynote handle on the ultimate day of the occasion launched collective buying and selling specialists to debate the function AI performs in our lives and its potential affect on storytelling.

Perceive the function of AI

Tatjana Samopjan, a veteran arts advertising and marketing and advertising and marketing marketing consultant, highlighted the significance of AI in our lives, stating that it’s a new entrant that’s right here to remain. Along with Samopjan, Gerhard Maier, program director and co-founder of Seriencamp, and Julia Schafdecker, lawyer of SKW Schwarz, joined the panel dialogue.

Maier launched the 2 essential sorts of AI: Synthetic Common Intelligence (AGI) and Skinny AI. AGI goals to create machines that appear like people, which is taken into account the final word objective of AI analysis. Alternatively, refined AI refers to algorithms skilled to carry out express duties. Maier famous that whereas AGI is a long-awaited enchancment, most interactions with AI as of late have been primarily based on lean AI choices like ChatGPT and Midjourney.

You’ll have to acknowledge that the AI ​​expertise is quickly evolving, rising exponentially in sophistication. This enchancment might have profound implications for a lot of industries, in addition to our private lives. Maier mentioned one potential penalty is labor shortages, as many duties beforehand carried out by specialists might show extra environmentally pleasant and even redundant with AI. For instance, in product gross sales corporations, a single particular person can now carry out duties that beforehand required a workforce of three or extra. The identical goes for various fields, equal to enchancment and the creative path.

Factors relating to the affect of AI on jobs have been evident in negotiations between the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the studios. The WGA seeks safeguards to stop studios from utilizing AI to create new scripts primarily based solely on earlier work.

The rise of synthetic intelligence inside the reproduction of an ingenious work

Till lately, the concept AI might replicate the work of TV and movie writers appeared inconceivable. Nevertheless, the emergence of corporations like ChatGPT has proven that even this risk is nearer than ever. This has sparked debates concerning the limits of AI in inventive pursuits.

Samopjan argued that the tactic of utilizing AI to create content material just isn’t applicable for human creativity. He contrasts this with consuming wine, stating that consuming too many tales does not robotically make you a superb storyteller. As a substitute, he emphasised the significance of coming into actuality and never relying solely on tales. Constructing upon her, totally inhabiting and embracing non-public experiences gives a wealthy provide of provides for genuine creations.

Samopjan additional emphasised that probably the greatest artists possesses a brand new potential to see via the constructs of his personal minds and societies. This skill is vital in maintaining with the age of proficiency. He labeled artists because the closest factor we should always now must mystics, as they possess the flexibility to discern actuality amidst noise.


The direct outcomes of Synthetic Intelligence in our lives and the way storytelling can’t be underestimated. With the developments in AI expertise, the fast enchancment and AI alternative class affords options and challenges.

Whereas AI has the potential to streamline quite a few processes and duties, questions have been raised about job safety and the creative implications of AI-generated content material. The continued negotiations between the WGA and the studios are one instance of efforts to make sure AI is used responsibly within the leisure commerce.

Whatever the developments in synthetic intelligence, specialists consider that machines can not totally replicate the distinctive qualities possessed by human storytellers. The power to enter actuality, utterly stay and be impressed by non-public experiences stays a necessary facet of actual and real storytelling.

Incessantly Requested Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the 2 important sorts of Synthetic Intelligence?

Synthetic Common Intelligence (AGI) and Skinny AI are the 2 important sorts of AI. AGI goals to create machines that appear like people, whereas refined AI refers to algorithms that may carry out explicit duties.

2. How does AI have an effect on labor markets?

The exponential growth of AI and its rising sophistication poses a doable employment catastrophe because the duties beforehand assigned to specialists change into extra environmentally pleasant within the fingers of AI. This might result in layoffs in a number of sectors.

3. What questions have been raised about AI in creative fields?

There are points the place AI might replicate art work, resembling script, and affect the function of human storytellers. Efforts are underway to place safeguards in place inside the leisure sector to stop AI-generated content material from disrupting human creativity.

4. Can AI completely replicate human creativity?

Specialists argue that synthetic intelligence can not totally replicate human creativity, as a result of it lacks the flexibility to enter actuality and draw inspiration from private experiences. The distinctive qualities that human storytellers possess, together with the ability to see via social constructs, can’t be replicated by machines.

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