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AMD’s budget Ryzen CPU turns into a 16GB AI GPU, the result is impressive


Democratizing AI: Reworking AMD Ryzen 5 4600G APU into 16GB GPU for AI Workloads

Within the present AI-driven period, the demand for GPUs has skyrocketed, particularly GPUs just like the H100. This elevated demand has made it much more tough for the widespread purchaser to place their fingers up towards it. Nonetheless, a solution to this downside is feasible. A Reddit consumer offered a singular thought by turning an AMD Zen 2-based Ryzen 5 4600G Renoir APU right into a 16GB GPU. This remodeled GPU can be utilized for AI workloads on Linux. It is a fashionable and progressive reply to fashionable stitches.

Understanding the AMD Ryzen 5 4600G APU

Earlier than we dive into the conversion course of, let’s check out the AMD Ryzen 5 4600G APU. This APU was broadly generally known as among the finest available on the market, till it was lastly changed by its successor, the Sazen counterpart. The Ryzen 5 4600G incorporates a 6-core/12-thread configuration and consists of built-in Radeon Vega graphics with seven Compute Objects (CUs). In an effort to hit the 16GB VRAM restrict within the conversion, you will want to say that the APUs assist shared reminiscence. This suggests that you could possibly in all probability allocate 50% of your RAM capability to the APU. On this case, the Reddit consumer had 32GB of DDR4 reminiscence on board, half of which was devoted to the processor.

Overcome the constraints of AI workloads operating on Ryzen APUs

One of many main challenges working with AI workloads on Ryzen APUs is the shortage of native assist for AMD’s Radeon Open Compute (ROCm) platform. This platform permits AI capabilities to run on Linux, however typically requires a desktop GPU. Nonetheless, within the case of iGPUs present in Ryzen APUs, third-party packages can plug the outlet and permit ROCm to run on the APU. Reddit consumer took benefit of those packages, opening the chance to work on quite a few AI capabilities along with Tensorflow and PyTorch.

AMD’s sub-$100 Ryzen CPU turns into 16GB GPU for AI, delivers robust effectivity

Demonstrating Ryzen 5 4600G APU performance in AI workloads

In an in-depth video, a Reddit consumer confirmed the outcomes of this attention-grabbing experiment. The Ryzen 5 4600G APU was put via its paces and dealt with AI workloads successfully. Whereas the experiment confirmed secure diffusion management, it’s notable that the APU was in a position to generate a 512×512 picture in roughly one minute and 50 seconds. This result’s important and demonstrates the untapped potential of Ryzen APUs in AI workloads.

Whereas it isn’t true to pair the Ryzen 5 4600G with devoted AI GPUs identical to the H100, this experiment highlights the hidden capabilities of Ryzen APUs. Simply think about the chances if the newer Phoenix APUs had been used instead, as they supply even higher effectivity. Nonetheless, providing such AI effectivity for simply $95 is commendable and is usually a moderately priced resolution for the typical buyer on the lookout for AI capabilities.

consistently requested questions

1. Can I convert my AMD Ryzen APU to GPU for AI workloads?

Certain, it is attainable to showcase an AMD Ryzen APU straight right into a GPU appropriate for AI workloads. By utilizing third-party packages and allocating a few of your system’s RAM, you may in all probability flip the APU right into a profitable GPU.

2. What APU was used within the Reddit shopper experiment?

The Reddit shopper used an AMD Ryzen 5 4600G APU for his experiments. This APU has a 6-core/12-thread configuration and comes with built-in Radeon Vega graphics with seven Compute Objects (CUs).

3. How was the 16GB VRAM restrict reached throughout the conversion?

AMD Ryzen APUs assist shared reminiscence efficiency, which permits customers to allocate a few of their system’s RAM to the APU. On this case, the Reddit consumer had 32GB of DDR4 reminiscence onboard, and half of that was devoted to the APU, resulting in 16GB of VRAM.

4. Can I run AI Goals on Ryzen APU?

Whereas Ryzen APUs might not have native assist for AMD’s ROCm platform, third-party packages can be utilized to allow AI capabilities to run on the APUs. These packs fill the hole and permit clients to run every kind of AI capabilities on Ryzen APUs, identical to these accessible on devoted GPUs.


A Reddit shopper experiment demonstrates the potential of AMD Ryzen APUs in AI workloads, though they cannot match the effectivity of devoted AI GPUs. By modifying the AMD Ryzen 5 4600G APU with a 16GB GPU, the buyer effectively tackled AI workloads utilizing Linux. This breakthrough demonstrates the untapped energy of Ryzen APUs and gives decision at an inexpensive value for AI meeting wants. With additional developments, the chances of utilizing Ryzen APUs for AI capabilities are limitless.

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