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August Sky Spectacular: two Supermoons and a rare Blue Moon


An uncommon sight: two supermoons and a blue moon in August 2023

By the 12 months 2023, astronomers can have one other likelihood to witness an uncommon celestial occasion. The month of August will show not one, however two supermoons, together with the looks of a blue moon. A supermoon happens when a full moon comes closest to Earth in its elliptical orbit, normally known as a perigee. This nearer proximity to our planet makes the moon seem bigger and brighter than a full moon by the day.

The moon’s orbit across the Earth is just not a really perfect circle, however a comparatively elongated oval form known as an ellipse. Which implies that the moon oscillates between the closest and furthest distances from the Earth because it completes its orbital cycle. At its furthest diploma, usually known as apogee, the moon is at a mean distance of 253,000 miles away. Nonetheless, perigee, the purpose at which the moon is closest to Earth, is about 226,000 miles away.

In the course of the perigee section, a supermoon happens when the total moon aligns with its closest stage to Earth. Whereas the distinction in dimension and brightness between a supermoon and a daytime full moon is slight, it’s noticeable when seen from Earth. This 12 months, the supermoon cycle is especially peculiar in that there’ll doubtless be 4 consecutive appearances. The first supermoon appeared on July 3, and the final supermoon on this roundup will happen on September 29.

The fascinating phenomenon of a blue moon

Opposite to the usual notion, a blue moon doesn’t correspond to the colour of the moon however to its frequency. A blue moon is described because the second full moon occurring inside a single calendar month. Since a full moon sometimes seems each 29 days, it’s potential for two full moons to fall throughout the identical month, particularly since most months final greater than 29 days.

Blue moons are comparatively uncommon occasions that normally happen each two and a half years. The final blue moon was seen on August 22, 2021. Nonetheless, this 12 months, the month of August can have two full moons and each can even be supermoons, in response to the Previous Farmer’s Almanac.

The sturgeon moon: the primary supermoon of August

The primary supermoon of August, often known as the Sturgeon Moon, takes place on Tuesday, August 1. Sturgeon Moon is known as after the sturgeon fish, which Native American crews within the Good Lakes house discovered to be the biggest throughout this month. Sturgeons are prehistoric-looking fish which have been round for over 130 million years, with some species having found their habitats inside Good Lakes.

Together with the sturgeon moon, August’s full moon goes by completely different names in fairly just a few cultures and societies. The folks of Algonquin search recommendation from the Corn Moon as a result of abundance of grain throughout this time. Completely different names for the total moon in August embody the inexperienced corn moon, barley moon, or fruit moon, reflecting the abundance of crops and the ripening of meals throughout this season.

The spectacular finale: Blue Moon at Perigee

The month of August will finish with the looks of a blue moon on Wednesday, August thirtieth. This blue moon has a brand new peculiarity in that it isn’t solely the second full moon of the month however will also be labeled a supermoon. What makes this blue moon so distinctive is that it’s going to doubtless be the closest full moon to Earth all 12 months, together with an added layer of astronomical intrigue.

Astronomers and stargazers alike are eagerly awaiting August 2023 for this magnificent celestial spectacle. To witness these lunar events, it’s advisable to find a spot away from the lights of the metropolis for a clearer view. Utilizing a telescope or glorious binoculars can additional improve the expertise. For supermoons, which rise at sundown, it’s extremely really useful that you just uncover a location with a transparent horizon for among the best views.

Regularly Requested Questions (FAQ)

1. What’s a supermoon?

A supermoon is a pure phenomenon throughout which a full moon coincides with its closest stage to the Earth, usually known as perigee. This alignment ends in an even bigger and brighter look than a full moon by the day.

2. How do supermoons happen?

Supermoons happen about three to 4 instances a 12 months. Its predictability is predicated on the fastened nature of the lunar orbit and the regularity of the lunar cycle.

3. What causes a supermoon?

A supermoon outcomes from the distinctive alignment of the Earth, the moon, and the photo voltaic. The moon follows an elliptical orbit across the Earth, which regulates its distance from our planet. When the moon reaches perigee it concurrently transforms right into a full moon, a supermoon happens.

4. Why is the blue moon important?

A blue moon is crucial as a result of it denotes the prevalence of a second full moon inside a calendar month. It’s a comparatively uncommon occasion that happens roughly each two and a half years.

5. Does a blue moon actually look blue?

No, a blue moon does not look blue. The blue time vary refers to its frequency relative to its coloration.

6. What are the completely different names for the total moon in August?

The complete moon in August has utterly completely different names in lots of cultures and societies. A number of the utterly completely different names embody Sturgeon Moon, Grain Moon, Inexperienced Corn Moon, Barley Moon or Fruit Moon.

7. Can I observe supermoons and the blue moon with out particular devices?

Positive, it’s potential so that you can watch these celestial occasions with the bare eye. Nonetheless, utilizing a telescope or binoculars can enhance the viewing expertise by permitting you to see extra options on the moon.

8. Is the place the simplest place to see supermoons and blue moon?

For a clearer view, it’s extremely really useful to find a spot away from the lights of the metropolis. Additionally, discovering some extent with a clear horizon will current the best view of supermoons, as they rise at sundown.


August 2023 gives an uncommon association for astronomers and stargazers with the looks of two supermoons and a blue moon. The larger and brighter look of these celestial events makes them mesmerizing to take a look at. Whether or not or not you are an professional astronomer or simply recognizing the wonders of the night sky, August is the right time to immerse your self within the marvel of the moon. Bear in mind to seek out an acceptable place for optimum viewing, and think about using binoculars or a telescope to increase your expertise.


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