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Breaking: Twitter Shuts Down AI Robot Due to Elon Musk’s Explosive ‘Crypto Scam’ Allegation! The matrix of dreams


Twitter Suspends AI Bot Account Linked to Memecoin Make clear this Bob

Twitter has determined to close down the account of Make Clear This Bob, a preferred AI-based bot linked to memecoins. The suspension got here after Elon Musk accused the account of being a cheated crypto account, which led to an alternating tweet between Musk and the bot. Following Musk’s tweet, the account was rapidly suspended.


The Make Clear This Bob account, created by Indian Prabhu Biswal, had gained a big following of over 400,000 prospects earlier than its suspension. The bot used the OpenAI GPT-4 mannequin to study and reply to direct tweets concerning the account. Moreover, the problem was related to the ERC-20 memecoin referred to as the Bob Token (BOB), which launched in April 2023. Nevertheless, following the suspension, the worth of BOB suffered a dramatic drop of greater than 30% in response to CoinGecko.

Musk’s altered creativeness and foresight

Make Clear This Bob’s suspension is in stark distinction to Elon Musk’s earlier opinion of the bot. On April 20, he tweeted Like Bob in response to one in all many bot tweets. This similar tweet additionally appeared prominently on the corporate’s web site. Subsequently, Musk’s present allegations towards the bot mark a pending reversal of his first impression of him.

quite a few reactions

Curiously, Twitter did nothing for Bob Token’s account. In response to Make Clear This Bob’s suspension, firm workers humorously shared a meme that confirmed Musk supervising a distraught Bob behind bars. Some observers imagine that Musk suspects that you simply make clear that this Bob is getting used as a publicity and promoting ploy to artificially enhance the worth of BOB.

Public response and controversy

Since that suspension, the FREEBOB hashtag has gained recognition on Crypto Twitter. Many individuals are of the opinion that BOB won’t be a counterfeit coin and argue that the suspension is unjustified. They level out that the token launch went easily and spotlight the complete decentralization of BOB and its 0% tax mechanism. Moreover, it was alleged that problem workers didn’t award any tokens or conduct any airdrops previous to the Bob Token launch in April.

Cointelegraph reached out to Prabhu Biswal and Twitter for feedback related to this incident. Nevertheless, there hasn’t been a fast response on both occasion.

Regularly Requested Questions (FAQ)

What led to the suspension of the Clarify This Bob Twitter account?

The account was suspended after Elon Musk accused it of being a cheated crypto account.

Who created the Clarify This Bob bot?

The bot was created by Prabhu Biswal from India.

What was the aim of the Clarify This Bob bot?

The bot used OpenAI’s GPT-4 mannequin to intercept and reply to tweets directed to the account.

How was the Clarify This Bob bot linked to a memecoin?

The problem was associated to the ERC-20 memecoin, typically referred to as Bob Token (BOB), which launched in April 2023.

What impression did the suspension have on the worth of Bob Token?

After the suspension, BOB’s worth dropped by greater than 30% in response to CoinGecko.

What was Elon Musk’s first method to the Clarify This Bob bot?

Musk has beforehand expressed his constructive opinion in direction of the bot, tweeting like Bob in response to thought-about one in all his tweets.

Why did some observers see Musk’s accusation towards the bot as a promotional and promoting ploy?

These observers imagine that Musk suspected Make Clear This Bob was getting used to artificially growing BOB’s worth.

How did folks react to the suspension of Clarify This Bob?

Many individuals on Crypto Twitter have been utilizing the hashtag FREEBOB and claiming that BOB won’t be a cheated coin. They declare the suspension was unwarranted and spotlight the honest launch and decentralized nature of the token.

Has any motion been taken in direction of the Bob Token account?

Twitter has not made any transfers to Bob Token’s account.

Was there any response from Prabhu Biswal or Twitter concerning the suspension?

There was no fast response from Prabhu Biswal or Twitter concerning the suspension.


The suspension of Make Clear This Bob’s Twitter account has created controversy throughout the cryptocurrency world. Whereas initially backed by Elon Musk, allegations of being a crypto account cheated led to the account being suspended. Because of this, the related memecoin, Bob Token (BOB), has suffered a pointy drop in worth. The response from most people to the suspension has been divided, with some defending the legitimacy of the token and denouncing that the suspension is unfair. Because the situation unfolds, it stays to be seen how the offers in query will reply to those offers.

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