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Destiny 2: Xur Location & Exotics July 28 August 1 ( )


The place to find Xûr in Future 2

Xûr, the cloaked companion, has now remained in Future 2 for the weekend till the next week’s reset. When you’re seeking to get some shiny new weapons or distinctive armor in your Guardian, look no additional.

Every week, Xûr has a random assortment of distinctive armor, one for every Guardian class, in addition to a random distinctive weapon and purchasable distinctive engram. Alongside along with her distinctive objects, she receives a random assortment of legendary weapons and armor to grace your Guardians.

The place is Xûr situated these days?

Xûr’s location could possibly be found at Winding Cove within the EDZ on 28 July till 1 August. To do that, make your approach to the touchdown level at Winding Cove. When you arrive, head to the rocky cliffs on the far finish of the cove and look out for a cave that winds its manner right down to a platform subsequent to some fallen ones. There you could uncover the retail commerce monster that conjures us all up.

Xûr could possibly be found atop a rocky cliff inside Winding Cove throughout the EDZ.

What’s Xûr selling these days?

Xur’s Distinctive Picks This Week:

Distinctive engram

– The Wardcliff Coil: distinctive rocket launcher

Gwisin vest

– Distinctive Hunter Chest Armor

– 21 Mobility, 11 Resilience, 2 Restoration, 13 Self-Self-discipline, 15 Thoughts, 2 Power

– Entire: 64

Horn of Khepri

– Distinctive Titan Helm

– 14 Mobility, 18 Resilience, 3 Restoration, 14 Self-Self-discipline, 2 Thoughts, 15 Power

– Entire: 66

The crafty of winter

– Distinctive Sorcerer’s Gloves

– 10 Mobility, 12 Resilience, 12 Restoration, 10 Self-Self-discipline, 6 Thoughts, 17 Power

– Entire: 67

Titans and Warlocks have some top-notch exotics, although your mileage will fluctuate relying on how a lot you care about mobility. Largely, these rolls disappoint with their distinct lack of angularity. Higher luck subsequent week!

Distinctive weapons

Each week, Xûr sells Hawkmoon and Lifeless Man’s Story.


– Distinctive hand cannon

– Paracausal Shot, Arrowhead Brake, Alloy Journal, Opening Shot, Textured Grip

Story of a useless man

– Distinctive Scout Rifle

– Cranial Level, Corkscrew Rifling, Massive Caliber Bullets, Outlaw, Composite Stock

Whereas Lifeless Man’s Story is fairly common, Hawkmoon’s roll is rattling good. Opening shot on a regular basis will improve my curiosity by about 500%, so you will have my consideration, Xur!

Legendary weapons

Xûr Legendary Weapons Picked This Weekend:

Grill skipper

– Pulse Rifle

– Chamber Compensator/Polygonal Rifling, Massive Caliber Bullets/Gentle Journal, Imaginative and Prescient Tunnel, Multikill Clip, Differ Masterwork

Unhealthy omens

– Rocket launcher

– Counter Mass/Quickcast, Black Powder/Implosion Rounds, Space Preparation, Kill Clip, Masterwork Blast Radius

Seventh Seraph VY-7

– Submachine gun

– Prolonged barrel/Fluted barrel, Prolonged journal/Clean rounds, Fourth time roll name, Dragonfly, Stability prodigy

– Submachine gun

– Corkscrew Rifling/Strong Hammer Rifling, Correct Bullets/Prolonged Journal, Zen Second, Thresh, Stability Masterwork


– Sniper rifle

– Full Bore/Smallbore, Added Journal/Common Bullets, Fragile Focus, Incandescent, Rasputin’s Arsenal, Stability Prodigy

Sole survivor

– Sniper rifle

– Arrowhead Brake/Full Bore, Prolonged Journal/Alloy Journal, Outlaw, Aiming Fury, Dealing Prodigy

Simply in case

– Spade

– Jagged Blade/Tempered Blade, Enduring Guard/Swordmaster’s Guard, Relentless, Incandescent, Uncanny Impression

My prime picks this week are each Ikelos weapons: the Sniper Rifle with Fragile Focus and Incandescent and the Machine Gun with Fourth Time’s The Enchantment and Dragonfly. Not god roll or something like that, they’re going to end the job anyway!

Legendary warlock armor

For Warlocks, Xûr is selling the Anti-Extinction set which incorporates:

Legendary Armor of Xûr for Warlocks this week:

Fireproof gloves

– 7 Mobility, 23 Resilience, 2 Restoration, 6 Self-Self-discipline, 6 Thoughts, 18 Power

– Entire: 62

Extinguishing chest armor

– 15 Mobility, 7 Resilience, 10 Restoration, 15 Self-Self-discipline, 2 Thoughts, 15 Power

– Entire: 64

Firefighting helmet

– 12 Mobility, 14 Resilience, 6 Restoration, 14 Self-Self-discipline, 10 Thoughts, 6 Power

– Entire: 62

Anti-extinguishing leg armor

– 6 Mobility, 16 Resilience, 10 Restoration, 2 Self-Self-discipline, 20 Thoughts, 11 Power

– Entire: 65

Anti-extinction bond

Warlocks have some good loot this week with boots being the star attraction with a pleasant full 65 stat and sharp thoughts, however the chestplate is not unhealthy both at 64, although it’s kind of heavy on mobility.

Legendary armor of the titans

For Titans, Xûr is selling the Anti-Extinction set which incorporates:

Xûr’s Legendary Armor for Titans this week:

Fireproof gloves

– 10 Mobility, 2 Resilience, 19 Restoration, 30 Self-Self-discipline, 2 Thoughts, 2 Power

– Entire: 65

Extinguishing chest armor

– 6 Mobility, 23 Resilience, 2 Restoration, 6 Self-Self-discipline, 10 Thoughts, 15 Power

– Entire: 62

Firefighting helmet

– 10 Mobility, 15 Resilience, 7 Restoration, 10 Self-Self-discipline, 2 Thoughts, 20 Power

– Entire: 64

Anti-extinguishing leg armor

– 2 Mobility, 22 Resilience, 10 Restoration, 10 Self-Self-discipline, 10 Thoughts, 10 Power

– Entire: 64

Anti-extinction mark

Titans have some fairly sturdy picks with absolutely sexy boots which have the decrease mobility potential and spiked resilience, plus there is a roll with THIRTY dang Self-Self-discipline on it. Positively some constructing potential proper right here, Titans!

Legendary Hunter Armor

For hunters, Xûr is selling the anti-extinction set which incorporates:

Legendary Xûr Armor for Hunters this week:

Fireproof gloves

– 16 Mobility, 6 Resilience, 10 Restoration, 17 Self-Self-discipline, 2 Thoughts, 14 Power

– Entire: 65

Extinguishing chest armor

– 2 Mobility, 18 Resilience, 10 Restoration, 2 Self-Self-discipline, 20 Thoughts, 10 Power

– Entire: 62

Firefighting helmet

– 6 Mobility, 23 Resilience, 2 Restoration, 18 Self-Self-discipline, 7 Thoughts, 7 Power

– Entire: 63

Anti-extinguishing leg armor

– 30 Mobility, 2 Resilience, 2 Restoration, 14 Self-Self-discipline, 2 Thoughts, 17 Power

– Entire: 67

Anti-extinguishing cloak

Hunters have some implausible rolls too, with some utterly insane mobility boots and a few decently rounded gauntlets too. Not too shabby, Xur.


Xûr is again in Future 2 alongside along with his random assortment of distinctive armor, weapons, and engrams. This week it might be found in Winding Cove throughout the EDZ. Unique picks embrace The Wardcliff Coil, Gwisin Vest for Hunters, Khepri’s Horn for Titans, and Winter’s Guile for Warlocks. Moreover, Xûr has Hawkmoon and Lifeless Man’s Story as unique weapons. There are additionally numerous legendary weapons and armor to select from for numerous Guardian programs. In whole, Xûr has an sincere decide this week, with some standout picks like Ikelos weapons and anti-extinction armor models.

Consistently requested questions

1. Are Xûr’s provides the identical for all gamers?

No, Xûr’s inventory is randomized every week, so the objects out there for buy could fluctuate for various gamers. Nonetheless, the general courses of distinctive armor, weapons, and engrams are fixed.

2. Can I buy a sure variety of distinctive engrams from Xûr?

In fact, you can purchase a variety of distinctive engrams from Xûr so long as you will have ample Legendary Shards, the foreign exchange used to buy objects from Xûr. Remember that engrams could give you duplicate Distinctive objects.

3. Can I enhance Xûr’s armor stats?

No, Xûr’s armor comes with mounted stats and can’t be upgraded or upgraded. Nonetheless, you need to use mods and infusions to enhance your Guardian’s whole stats and power degree.

4. Can I’m going to Xûr with a number of characters?

Certain, Xûr’s inventory is available on the market for all characters in your account. You’ll be able to go to Xûr and purchase objects from him on every of your characters.


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