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DIY: Arduino enables solar panel solar tracker for optimal efficiency


The Mysoltrk PV Panel Photo voltaic Tracker: Optimizing PV Vitality with Arduino

On this planet of renewable power, the Arduino-powered Mysoltrk PV Panel Photo voltaic Tracker is a revolutionary machine designed to maximise the effectivity and power manufacturing of PV panels by monitoring the situation of the photo voltaic. This contemporary tracker stands out from others accessible available on the market on account of its distinctive design, cost-effectiveness and talent to face up to exterior circumstances.

Not like different PV trackers that rely upon Wi-Fi or GPS, the Mysoltrk tracker makes use of low-cost linear actuators and a 3D printed mechanism to lock the shaft. These actuators are powered by a N20 6 volt 30 RPM geared motor, making certain dependable and environmentally pleasant operation.

One of many key options of the Mysoltrk tracker is its means to detect the place of the photo voltaic utilizing 4 photo-resistors housed inside a molded finder. This method permits the PV array to be oriented within the path of the solar, leading to sure equal sensor values ​​and capturing the optimum energy.

Mysoltrk Photovoltaic Panel Photo voltaic Tracker Design and Efficiency

The Mysoltrk PV Panel Photo voltaic Tracker operates utilizing two sturdy actuators, every constructed round a 6V 30rpm DC motor. These motors drive the rotation of a threaded rod, which in flip strikes an M3 nut forwards or backwards. By putting these components in a standard airplane and connecting them with a ball joint at their high, a well-structured triangular system is shaped that may regulate the panel alongside three axes.

To manage the motion of the actuators, an Arduino Nano is used on the coronary heart of the Mysoltrk tracker. This choice relies on the Nano’s low energy consumption, affordability, and ease of modification. The motors are pushed by a L298N h bridge and the restrict switches are modified by a shunt to cut back the costs. The machine additionally incorporates a voltage divider to sense the panel plant output and interrupt circuit blanking throughout actuator motion.

Comfort and choices of the Mysoltrk Tracker

Together with its efficiency, the design of the Mysoltrk tracker additionally focuses on practicality. The machine is compact, which makes it appropriate for set up on balconies or in small gardens. It’s 3D printed, waterproof, and requires minimal extra {{hardware}}, which results in low costs. The tracker is self-locating, eliminating the necessity for GPS or Wi-Fi for operation.

As well as, the Mysoltrk tracker’s extreme energy output makes it unable to cost smartphones, energy banks or outside cameras in small areas. The PV panel itself is designed with three help components to make sure power and wind resistance. It could actually merely be adjusted to seize the utmost quantity of daylight throughout peak energy durations, and two extra components of help may be added utilizing actuators positioned on the backside or hooked to the submit that helps the panel.

The Mysoltrk photovoltaic panel photo voltaic tracker: acknowledged innovation

The fashionable design and efficiency of the Mysoltrk tracker earned it the excellence of being a finalist within the Hackaday Prize Inexperienced Hacks 2023 problem. This accolade serves as a testomony to the machine’s potential to revolutionize the way in which photovoltaic power is harnessed, making renewable power extra accessible and environmentally pleasant.

The Hackaday Award: A Decade of Innovation

The Hackaday Award celebrates a decade of inventive technological innovation and serves as a platform for the open supply {{hardware}} group to deal with worldwide challenges. Over time, opponents have pushed engineers, designers, scientists and hackers to develop choices for native local weather change, sustainability and different urgent factors. The Hackaday Prize has persistently pushed the boundaries of potential and impressed significant change by means of inventive initiatives.

Reaching new heights: challenges and themes

In its tenth yr, the Hackaday Prize challenges contributors to construct on their earlier work and deal with themes which have resonated with the open supply group. By leveraging their knowledge and collective experience, contributors are impressed to develop groundbreaking choices that might actually influence the world. Challenges are a solution to showcase technical expertise and discover new views.


Mysoltrk PV Panel Photo voltaic Tracker, powered by Arduino, provides a cheap and powerful decision to optimize PV panel effectivity. With its distinctive design and talent to trace the place of the photo voltaic, it maximizes power manufacturing and ensures optimum sensor values. Acknowledged as a finalist within the Hackaday Prize Inexperienced Hacks problem, the Mysoltrk tracker represents the ingenuity and innovation of the open supply {{hardware}} group in creating utilized sciences that make a distinction. As renewable power turns into increasingly more viable, the Mysoltrk tracker stands out as an reasonably priced and environmentally pleasant system to harness the construction of photo voltaic.

Frequent questions

1. How does Mysoltrk PV panel photo voltaic tracker work?

The Mysoltrk tracker makes use of low-cost linear actuators and a molded finder that homes 4 photo-resistors to detect the place of the photo voltaic. The actuators, pushed by a gearmotor, regulate the place of the photovoltaic panel to make sure optimum energy absorption.

2. What makes Mysoltrk tracker completely totally different from different PV trackers?

The Mysoltrk tracker is distinguished by its distinctive design and financial technique. Not like different trackers, it does not rely upon Wi-Fi or GPS, which helps hold the costs low. It is also compact, 3D printed, waterproof, and auto-tracking, making it appropriate for numerous installations.

3. Can Mysoltrk tracker value devices?

Positive, the Mysoltrk tracker has extreme energy technology capabilities and may value smartphones, energy banks, or outside cameras in small areas.

4. What recognition did the Mysoltrk tracker get?

The Mysoltrk tracker was chosen as a finalist within the 2023 Hackaday Prize Inexperienced Hacks downside, highlighting its fashionable design and potential to revolutionize photovoltaic energy wiring.

5. How has the Hackaday Prize progressed through the years?

The Hackaday Award has superior to deal with the altering challenges of the world. He addressed factors paying homage to native local weather change, sustainability and technological features for susceptible populations. Opponents constantly impressed with the inventive choices and demonstrated the open supply group’s dedication to creating an upbeat impact.


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