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Extraction 2’s epic 21 minute action extravaganza takes audiences on a breathtaking journey in one fell swoop


In an all-new Selection profile, director Sam Hargrave discusses the challenges and ambitions of the extremely anticipated action-packed sequel Extraction 2 for Netflix. The primary movie, launched in 2020, grew to become well-known for its intense 12-minute movement sequence, together with automobile chases, gunfights, knife fights and explosions.

Creating an prolonged sequence

In collaboration with producer Joe Russo, Sam Hargrave aimed to push the boundaries even additional with a for much longer and extra elaborate motion sequence in Extraction 2. The results of his efforts is a meticulously deliberate and executed 21-minute nonetheless shot. This prolonged scene follows covert ops specialist Tyler Rake as he goes undercover in a jail to avoid wasting the house of a violent gang member. As they make their daring escape and board armored vehicles, a hilarious chase ensues, involving a sequential helicopter touchdown.

Prioritize security all through the course

Decided to make sure the security of stable and crew, Sam Hargrave spent 5 months in intense preparation and rehearsals. He stresses the significance of meticulous planning, stating, With the complexity of the subsequent sequence … she wished to be meticulously deliberate and choreographed so nothing may go incorrect.

For the seize of Extraction 2, the employees organizes its manufacturing outdoors of Prague. Hargrave took additional precautions by placing collectively a strain on the security work which included retired paratroopers, who had been in a position to care for any emergencies. The intensive trial course paid off, as Hargrave remembers. Fortunately, nothing went incorrect following an intensive course of testing.

The good method for filming

Sam Hargrave reveals the immense coordination required through the moments when Tyler Rake has to guard prisoners within the midst of many prisoners. Regardless of the want for hidden cuts to seamlessly mix the visuals, Hargrave made positive that the prime focus remained on the high-stakes stunts and complicated choreography. The matter-of-fact nature of the footage helped shield the authenticity and depth of the movement sequences.


Sam Hargrave and his employees have raised the bar with Extraction 2, delivering an immersive and intense expertise for audiences whereas prioritizing the security of solids and crew. The meticulously deliberate and executed 21-minute nonetheless shot reveals his dedication to making a visually gorgeous and adrenaline-pumping motion sequence. Extraction 2 premiered on Netflix on June 16, providing viewers an thrilling journey they will not need to miss.

Questions incessantly requested

The primary film Extraction was launched in 2020.

Extraction 2 garnered hype for its daring purpose of overcoming its predecessor’s extreme movement sequence and delivering a superb 21-minute longer shot stuffed with thrilling stunts and complex choreography.

Extraction 2 was filmed open air in Prague, Czech Republic.

4. How did Sam Hargrave prioritize security whereas filming?

Sam Hargrave spent 5 months getting ready and rehearsing, ensuring each motion sequence was meticulously deliberate. He additionally assembled a safety employees, together with retired paratroopers, to take care of potential emergencies. The extreme course of trials and cautious planning helped preserve soundness and crew safety.

Sam Hargrave’s final purpose is to supply audiences with an immersive and intense viewing expertise whereas making certain the security of the solid and crew. So long as the movie’s storyline comes via and everybody goes residence protected, Hargrave sees it as a worthy finish consequence.


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