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Genshin Impact Dandelion Seeds: Where to find them


Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Affect: A Complete Overview

Dandelion seeds are very important ascension supplies in Genshin Have an effect on, notably in case you acquired a persona like Jyn or Eula from Need’s Banner not too way back. These seeds could be obtained in some ways, reminiscent of discovering them within the woods or shopping for them from NPCs. Nonetheless, in the event you want to acquire them shortly, your finest wager is to hunt them out from their pure habitats. Primarily based on this info, we’ll discover out the place to search for dandelion seeds in Genshin Have an effect on, particularly the Winds-dominated Freedom Nation. To make your search simpler, we have marked dandelion seed places on a map. Let’s dive!

Discover ways to harvest Dandelion Seeds inside Genshin Affect

To gather Dandelion Seeds, it’s good to make use of the Animo potential, which may very well be obtained by way of using the Animo Traveler after interacting with one of many many Sevens statues and resonating with the Animo in Moonstead. After activating Animo, press the Elemental Experience KEY (E) to carry out an elemental assault which suggests you possibly can acquire the seeds. It is vitally necessary that after harvesting, dandelion seeds take three days to develop again in the identical place. So, in case you are on a busy harvest, it is vital you ensure you get all of Dandelion Seeds at Mondstead to chop down on ready instances and efficiently improve Jeanne and Eula.

10 Dandelion Seed Fields inside Genshin Affect

1. Get Dandelion Seeds from NPCs and Sellers

In Sumeru’s Port Ormos, you will uncover an NPC named Babak who runs a retailer that sells regional delicacies, together with dandelion seeds. You can purchase a set of 5 fits from this store and it is going to be up to date each three days. Another choice is to go to Ritou, an NPC named Karpilia in Inazuma. Though the seeds are fairly costly, costing 60,000 Mora every, you should buy 5 Dandelion Seeds from him and they’re additionally refreshed each three days.

2. Uncover the Dandelion Seed outdoors Moonstead’s door

Proper outdoors the door of Moonstead, you can find Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Have an effect on. There are a complete of 9 seeds within the bazaar, seven of that are discovered on all sides of the door and two of that are on the again exit which ends up in a small port. Moreover, you possibly can teleport to the realm simply outdoors of Moonstad to gather two extra Dandelion Seeds, bringing the entire to 11. Keep in mind to make use of Animo’s potential when rising these seeds to your benefit. Effectiveness.

3. On the rock between Stone Gate and Daybreak Vineyard

The bluff between Stone Gate and Daybreak Vineyard is a world class location for rising dandelion seeds. You have to have the ability to uncover about 10 fits on this house. To get to the rock sooner, teleport to the artifact house close to Dragonspine and work your manner up. This route is the shortest and most snug, as particular person routes could require some very important climbing.

4. Uncover dandelion seeds close to Debrec Vineyards

Adjoining to Debrek Vineyards, there are two locations the place you will discover a full 4 Dandelion Seeds. The shortest answer to succeed in these locations is to teleport to the Statue of Seven close to the cellar, go north to gather the two seeds, then teleport to the house of viridescent artifacts and go west.

5. Stockpile dandelion seeds close to Starfell Lake

When venturing inside a brief distance of Starfell Lake, you will get three Dandelion Seeds. Merely teleport to the Statue of the Seven at Starfell Lake and head southwest to search for them. For further steering, see the proposed route diagram.

6. Stockpile dandelion seeds close to Starsnatch Rock

Close to Starsnatch Rock, you will uncover three Dandelion Seeds that may be harvested. Begin by teleporting to the Midsomer Courtyard house and head south. You will have to climb a small rock to get to your trip spot faster and simpler.

7. Take the Dandelion Seed south of the Temple of a Thousand Winds

To get three extra Dandelion Seeds, teleport to the Wolf Temple house and journey southeast till you attain the underside sting. You have to to easily set up and acquire three dandelion seeds on this house.

8. Stockpile two dandelion seeds in and round Cape Oath

There are two dandelion seeds close to the perimeter of Cape Oath. To seek out them, teleport to the trail outdoors Cape Oath, go north and discover the seed. Moreover, you possibly can teleport to the Lion Temple on the western aspect of Cape Oath to gather one other Dandelion Seed. By visiting additional west, you should purchase extra fits, bringing your whole to 5.

9. Try Dandelion Seeds on the sting of Dadoupa Gorge

To gather a bunch of Dandelion Seeds, warp to the waypoint in Dragonspine close to Entombed Metropolis, which is a bit of under the Statue of Seven. From there it flies to the specified location. Throughout your flight, be pleased to make use of the Purple Feather Fan to cowl sufficient distance between the waypoint and the goal location.

10. Uncover Dandelion Seeds close to Volvendam

All through the perimeter of Volvendam, there are two Dandelion Seeds to find. One of the simplest ways to search out out is to make use of the waypoint situated simply outdoors Volendam on the northern route. Go additional north about 30-40 meters and you will note the seeds.


Dandelion seeds are a significant useful resource in Genshin Have an effect on, particularly for characters like Jean and Eula. By benefiting from Animo’s potential and exploring utterly totally different places inside the sport, you possibly can purchase these seeds to extend your character’s skills and progress sooner. Try our info to search for basically the greenest routes and locations to reap dandelion seeds. Good luck in your Ascension present searching!

Frequent questions

1. Can I get Dandelion Seeds from NPCs?

Certain, you should purchase Dandelion Seeds from NPCs like Babak and Ritou in Port Ormos, Sumeru, Karpilia in Inazuma. These NPCs refresh their provide of dandelion seeds each three days.

2. How lengthy does it take for dandelion seeds to germinate?

As soon as harvested, dandelion seeds take three days to regrow in the identical spot. Be sure that amassing all seeds in Moonstad is prioritized to cut back prepared cases.

3. Does Animo Traveler wish to acquire dandelion seeds?

Undoubtedly, to gather dandelion seeds, it’s value benefiting from Animo’s talents. This may be achieved by way of using the Anemo Traveler after resonating the Anemo in Moonstad. Activate Animo and use the Basic Ability key (E) to carry out an elemental assault and acquire the seeds.

4. Are there any explicit methods for harvesting dandelion seeds that may be environmentally pleasant?

Undoubtedly, to the perfection of our info, we have now now offered explicit paths and teleport waypoints that might present you how one can get Dandelion Seeds efficiently. Observe these routes to save lots of numerous effort and time when amassing.


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