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Get Ready For Callisto Protocol’s Thrilling Final Transmission DLC Out June 26!



In a latest weblog put up on the official PlayStation web site, DA Salisbury, a guide at recreation design studio Krafton, shared thrilling particulars in regards to the upcoming Callisto Protocol Final Transmission DLC. The DLC ensures to proceed the thrilling gaming expertise of The Callisto Protocol, taking gamers again to the menacing Black Iron Jail, the place new horrors await. Moreover, the DLC will supply distinctive early entry to PS4 and PS5 gamers, in addition to the fun surrounding its launch.

The story continues

In response to Salisbury, the occasions inside the first Callisto Protocol sport have taken a flip for the extra critical. The jail, already affected by a dangerous virus, is now on the verge of disaster because the virus threatens to flee its confines. Gamers are tasked with retrieving important data from a persona named Mahler and transmitting it off-world. Nevertheless, this mission is much from easy. The corridors of the dungeon are infested with monstrous creatures and new abominations, making it a treacherous journey crammed with quite a few challenges.

Introducing the brand new melee weapon

In response to fan ideas, the occasion crew behind Callisto Protocol has launched a brand new melee weapon to assist gamers of their battle towards the Biophage. The Stun Baton, whereas environment friendly, can solely take gamers to date. Lead Strategies Designer Paul Guirao mentioned the crew wished to create one thing extra highly effective, following the introduction of the all-new Kinetic Hammer. This weapon, with its design and weight, provides extremely efficient swings that hit more durable than the Stun Baton. Moreover, the Kinetic Hammer provides tender and heavy melee strikes, with the heavy strike costing for even larger impressions. Mastering the heavy cost mechanic will make gamers unstoppable, and effectively executing a price strike will create a devastating space of ​​impact.

New enemy menace: the Biobot

Within the midst of the already dangerous Black Iron Jail, lurks a brand new enemy: the Biophage Robotic, affectionately generally known as the Biobot by the builders. This formidable foe combines traits of the Biophage and UJC safety fashions, serving as a relentless reminder of the inherent dangers of jail. The presence of the Biobot additional reinforces the necessity for gamers to be outfitted with highly effective weapons such because the Kinetic Hammer to outlive encounters.


The upcoming DLC ​​Callisto Protocol Final Transmission ensures an immersive and terrifying gaming expertise. Gamers will face new challenges and enemies throughout the perilous confines of Black Iron Jail. With the introduction of the Kinetic Hammer and the addition of the Biobot as a formidable enemy, the DLC provides an thrilling continuation of the story from the principle sport. PlayStation prospects have the additional benefit of unique 48-hour early entry to the DLC, additional rising anticipation for its launch. Prepare to organize for battle and navigate as soon as once more by means of the horrors of Black Iron Jail.

Frequent questions

1. When will the Callisto Protocol Final Transmission DLC launch?

The Callisto Protocol Final Transmission DLC will launch on June 26, with PlayStation (PS4 and PS5) prospects receiving 48-hour early entry.

2. What’s the predominant focus of the DLC?

The primary focus of the DLC is for gamers to get better Mahler’s knowledge and transmit it off-world as they navigate by means of the monster-infested corridors of the Black Iron Jail.

3. What’s the new melee weapon launched inside the DLC?

The DLC introduces the Kinetic Hammer, a robust melee weapon that delivers devastating swings and delivers each delicate and heavy melee assaults. The heavy assault might be loaded for a way more highly effective assault.

4. Who’s the brand new enemy within the DLC?

The latest enemy inside the DLC is the Biobot, a mix of the Biophage and UJC safety fashions. He’s a formidable foe and a reminder of the dangerous nature of the Black Iron Jail.

5. What are the distinctive privileges for PlayStation prospects?

PlayStation (PS4 and PS5) customers can get unique 48-hour early entry to the Callisto Protocol Final Transmission DLC, permitting them to check out new content material earlier than different platforms.


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