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Kingsley Ben Adir reveals Gravik’s influence on Barbie’s role in Secret Invasion


Kingsley Ben-Adir on his function as a villain within the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Having tackled the function of villain all through the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), actors typically really feel that their profile is about to rise. With the discharge of any new Marvel present or film, the villain is entrance and middle and might be hated. Nevertheless, Kingsley Ben-Adir’s situation is exclusive to the upcoming Secret Invasion sequence, the place he performs the character of Gravik. Gravik is not imagined to be your villain frequently for the reason that MCU; he is a Skrull and has a selected look that is pink, cheerful and pays homage to one thing you’d uncover in Barbie’s dream home.

Apparently, Ben-Adir is not only a newcomer to the MCU; he additionally seems as Ken within the film Barbie this summer time. When GameSpot sat down with the actor to debate Secret Invasion, they could not assist however marvel at how Gravik, the Skrull villain, compares to his model of Ken on Barbie.

Unusual similarities and influences

Surprisingly, Ben-Adir revealed that his two characters don’t have anything in widespread. Nevertheless, he acknowledged the shut proximity of the 2 initiatives and confessed that one character influenced the opposite. This revelation arouses curiosity as to the reasoning behind his assertion.

Based mostly on Ben-Adir, Barbie requested him to make selections that would current Ken because the polar reverse of Gravik. Ken represents a seven-year-old who wouldn’t like violence, loves everybody and exudes a childlike innocence. Conversely, Gravik is portrayed as a sociopath. The sharp distinction between the 2 characters reveals Ben-Adir’s versatility as an actor.

Gravik’s motives and actions

As seen within the first two episodes of Secret Invasion, Gravik proves to be a formidable antagonist. By orchestrating an explosion in Moscow, he assumes management among the many many many Skrulls on Earth and goals to eradicate the folks with the intention of discovering a brand new house for his folks.

The sequence additionally options flashbacks revealing the refugee Skrulls’ battle to discover a new house and highlights their disappointment with Nick Fury’s broken collateral. This creates some sympathy for Gravik’s needs. Nevertheless, Ben-Adir factors out that whereas it’s a must to perceive Gravik’s motivations, it’s a must to draw a transparent line between sympathizing together with his plight and supporting his terrorist actions in opposition to harmless people.

A damaged notion and sociopathic concepts

Ben-Adir explains that it was obligatory to make clear why Gravik has modified to the best way he’s. The character has repeatedly been disillusioned with the executive figures in his life, main him to mistrust everybody and dislike anybody or something. He has reached a level of no return, the place he refuses to contemplate in anybody else.

This mindset hints at additional catastrophes, heartaches, and torments which will unfold because the six episodes of Secret Invasion progress. Gravik’s ideology is obvious: you are both with him for the survival of the Skrulls, otherwise you’re for him. Many individuals, each human and Skrull, might discover themselves underneath the flawed facet of his marketing campaign.

Uncover Secret Invasion

The Secret Invasion sequence, starring Kingsley Ben-Adir as Gravik, is at present streaming on Disney+. Episodes of the present launch each Wednesday, giving followers a chance to delve into the upper world of the Skrulls and their impression on the MCU.

Frequent questions

1. Who’s Kingsley Ben-Adir having enjoyable with within the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Kingsley Ben-Adir performs the character Gravik, a Skrull, inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe sequence Secret Invasion.

2. What’s Gravik’s place in Secret Invasion?

Gravik is the Skrull villain in Secret Invasion. He comes throughout as a sociopath decided to make a brand new house for the Skrulls.

3. How does Kingsley Ben-Adir’s portrayal of Ken in Barbie take a look at his operate as a Gravik?

Ben-Adir talked about how his characters Ken and Gravik don’t have anything in widespread. He intentionally made Ken the polar reverse of Gravik, with Ken being a loving, non-violent character, and Gravik embodying sociopathic tendencies.

4. What motivates Gravik in Secret Invasion?

Gravik’s motivations stem from a level of deceit and betrayal. The administration’s information has repeatedly let him down, fueling his mistrust and disrespect for others. He seeks to create a brand new house for the Skrulls and root out those that stand in his method of approaching him.

5. Can viewers sympathize with Gravik no matter his unhealthy deeds?

Whereas viewers can sense Gravik’s motives, you may want to differentiate between sympathy and help for his terrorist actions in direction of harmless people. The encounter explores the complexities of his character, making clear that his actions is not going to be justifiable.

6. What can we rely on the Secret Invasion assortment?

Secret Invasion contains a deep dive into Skrull historical past all through the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The current delves into the struggles and conflicts confronted by Skrull refugees and explores the implications of their actions as they seek for a brand new house.

7. The place and when can I watch Secret Invasion?

Secret Invasion is at present streaming fully on Disney+. New episodes launch each Wednesday, permitting viewers to immerse themselves within the thrilling narrative of the Skrull invasion.


Kingsley Ben-Adir’s portrayal of Gravik in Secret Invasion reveals his versatility as an actor. Irrespective of his present place as Ken on Barbie, the 2 characters are very totally different. Gravik is a hip, sociopathic Skrull villain, whereas Ken embodies innocence and non-violence. The Secret Invasion sequence reveals Gravik’s motivations, emphasizing the implications of disrupted notion and the lengths he’s desirous to go to make sure the survival of his people. As viewers delve into the Skrull story, they witness the conflicts and complexities of the characters at hand. Secret Invasion continues to captivate audiences and presents a difficult exploration of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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