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Mars Hitchhiking Helicopter Resurfaces: Lost contact with NASA re established!


NASA introduced Friday that it has re-established contact with the Ingenuity Mars helicopter after greater than two months of radio silence. The mini helicopter, which arrived on the Crimson Planet with the Perseverance rover in early 2021, delivered its first 30-day mission and confirmed the feasibility of its know-how with 5 examine flights.

Serve throughout the analysis of historic microbial life

After surviving its preliminary mission, Ingenuity was deployed in numerous conditions as an aerial scout to help the Perseverance rover’s try to find indicators of historic microbial life. Billions of years in the past, Mars was a lot wetter and warmer than it’s now, and scientists consider proof of microbial life could have existed at the moment.

A momentary lack of communication

Throughout Ingenuity Flight 52 on April 26, mission controllers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory misplaced contact with the helicopter because it sank to the underside. This miscommunication was anticipated, as a hill has fashioned right here between Ingenuity and the Perseverance rover, which acts as a relay between the drone and Earth. Nonetheless, it was the longest time with out communication with Ingenuity because the mission started.

Controls on reductions and constructive welfare

Joshua Anderson, Ingenuity crew chief at JPL, expressed his assist in re-establishing contact with the helicopter. Preliminary info signifies that Ingenuity is in good situation and additional well being checks will affirm whether it is prepared for its subsequent flight. The Perseverance crew plans to ship Ingenuity west to a rocky outcrop they’re excited to find.

Earlier communication challenges

This is not the primary time Ingenuity has had acutely aware communication components. In April, the helicopter went lacking for six days whereas exploring a historic river delta. Chief Engineer Travis Brown described it as an especially very long time in a weblog publish.


Restoring contact with the Ingenuity Mars helicopter is a breakthrough in NASA’s mission to search out and accumulate particulars in regards to the Crimson Planet. Ingenuity’s lengthy mission and handy flights current the potential of aerial knowledge in planetary exploration. Because it continues to help the Perseverance rover in its seek for proof of historic microbial life, Ingenuity’s resilience and expertise in coping with difficult communication circumstances highlights the ingenuity of human space exploration.

Always requested questions

1. What’s the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter?

The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter is a mini-copter that was flown to Mars aboard the Perseverance rover in early 2021. Its operate is to check the feasibility of aerial know-how in planetary exploration and assist within the seek for proof of microbial life historical past on Mars. .

2. How lengthy was Ingenuity’s preliminary mission?

Ingenuity’s first mission was scheduled for 30 days, throughout which it might make a collection of check flights to showcase the capabilities of airborne know-how on Mars.

3. What occurred on Ingenuity Flight 52?

Throughout Ingenuity Flight 52, mission controllers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory misplaced contact with the helicopter because it descended to the Martian flooring. This was anticipated attributable to a hill blocking the communication relay between Ingenuity and the Perseverance rover.

4. How lengthy was the radio silence interval with Ingenuity?

The interval of radio silence with Ingenuity lasted greater than two months. It was the longest communication hole skilled through the mission.

5. How did Ingenuity assist the Perseverance rover?

Ingenuity posed as an aerial explorer, offering helpful insights and insights to help the Perseverance rover in its seek for indicators of historic microbial life. The helicopter’s potential to navigate and uncover areas inaccessible to the rover was important to the mission.

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