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MCU story issues under threat: Secret Invasion on the verge of a game changing fix


Marvel’s Secret Invasion: A promising begin for an assortment of spies

The primary episode of Marvel’s Secret Invasion sequence units the stage for a hilarious espionage journey that has the potential to shake up the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On this sequence, a bunch of extremist shapeshifting Skrull refugees are plotting to take over the Earth and eradicate its human inhabitants. The episode is nicely written, the pretend performs nicely, and the manufacturing values ​​are prime notch. It provides hope that Secret Invasion is without doubt one of the uncommon Marvel seasons that begins robust and maintains its top quality all through.

The shortage of configuration: a frequent drawback all through the MCU

Nonetheless, the primary episode of Secret Invasion additionally raises a standard concern amongst followers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why hasn’t this story been pitched or hinted at earlier than? Because the Skrulls had been first solid in Captain Marvel, there have been 11 films and eight seasons of tv, however Marvel has completed little to nothing with these characters. The occasional reminder of the presence of Nick Fury’s rookie mates is all followers have acquired. The opposite main Skrulls concerned within the invasion stay utterly unknown.

Lack of story precursors all through the MCU

As that’s at present the case, there have been no main storyline precursors to the Secret Invasion since 2020’s Spider-Man: Far From Residence. Not one of the subsequent 9 movies or eight tv seasons have contributed to the persevering with narrative. The ultimate canonical look of a Skrull was in WandaVision, the place considered one of many aliens recruited Monica Rambeau for a secret mission. Monica is not anticipated to seem in Secret Invasion, which suggests her story may play out in The Marvels later this yr.

The shrinkage of the connective tissue

The shortage of connective tissue between completely different films and TV exhibits has been a rising concern for followers within the post-endgame interval. It often seems that these connections had been initially energetic, however had been later dropped or misplaced. With the expansion of the MCU collection by way of Disney+ and the disruption attributable to COVID-19, sustaining consistency and continuity has turn out to be more and more tough. Sacrifices needed to be made to accommodate the evolving launch schedule and the multitude of interconnected tales.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: a affected person with a prepare

One of many many victims of this group seems to be The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The sequence struggled to discover a clear thematic focus, largely attributable to underdeveloped villains, the Flag Smashers. The story explored the repercussions of the Blip, nonetheless the motivations and character growth of the Flag Smashers fell by means of. Because the present begins, the villains have been defeated and the true thematic core of the story appears to be lacking. This preliminary disappointment has left followers questioning in regards to the modifications made to the prescient and genuine creativity of the collection.

An attainable clarification: the Skrull invasion

Marvel’s Secret Invasion presents a compelling risk that sheds mild on the lacking parts of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The Skrull rebels in Secret Invasion share the identical set with the Flag Smashers. To these alien refugees whose world was destroyed by the Kree, Nick Fury has promised a brand new residence. Nonetheless, Fury’s absence after the snap has led some Skrulls to take issues into their very own arms, turning to extremists to realize their objectives. There are thematic parallels between the Skrulls and the Flag Smashers, suggesting that the Skrull invasion could have been a part of the true story of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Circumstantial proof and hypotheses

Whereas there isn’t any definitive textual proof to assist this notion, it does align intently with some narrative choices. The hasty introduction of the brand new Captain America may very well be attributed to a secret Skrull all through the US authorities, aiming to have a Skrull-controlled superhero present overtly on Earth. Skrulls possess superhuman energy, making it tough to inform the distinction between a Skrull disguised as a human and a human enhanced with the large soldier serum. Nonetheless, it’s a crucial phrase that’s hypothesis and conjecture. If there’s any actuality to this idea, it is potential that the MCU may reveal the Skrulls’ involvement in earlier tales by way of environmentally pleasant flashback narrative.

Retroactive Setting: A solution to the narrative challenges of the MCU

Retrospectively introducing story components by means of flashbacks in all probability is not as satisfying as a painstakingly deliberate setting, nonetheless it may current a much-needed bigger image for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whereas Secret Invasion hasn’t been largely staged upfront, it is believable that the MCU will insert insurgent Skrulls into earlier tales, explaining their covert actions and covert warfare. This system will most definitely clear up the issue of connective tissue deficiency and supply a extra full narrative framework for future initiatives.


Marvel’s Secret Invasion begins out robust, which features a charming spy sequence that has the potential to reshape the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With spectacular performances and highly effective storytelling, the sequence affords hope for a constant, high-quality viewing expertise. Whereas the MCU’s lack of setting and connective tissue between fully completely different roles stays a precedence, the Skrull invasion concept gives strong justification for the shortage of narrative components in earlier reveals. By retroactively incorporating the insurgent Skrulls into earlier tales, the MCU has a possibility to revive the coherence and create a bigger and extra fascinating universe.

Steadily Requested Questions (FAQ)

1. How does the Secret Invasion principal episode sequence?

The primary episode of Secret Invasion establishes the central premise of the sequence: a bunch of extremist shapeshifting Skrull refugees who conspire to take over the Earth and uproot the individuals. Introduce the primary characters and set the muse for the next espionage journey.

Regardless of the early introduction of the Skrulls, subsequent movies and tv exhibits have made occasional references to their presence. The shortage of growth in its historical past and the absence of necessary precursors inside the MCU have left followers questioning in regards to the lacking options to find this intriguing alien species.

3. How does shortage of connective tissue have an effect on the MCU’s post-endgame lag?

Many followers have expressed their discontent with the diminished connectivity between different films and TV exhibits all through the MCU. This instance has turn out to be extra pronounced following the expansion of the universe by means of the Disney+ collection and the disruption attributable to COVID-19. The difficulty of sustaining consistency and continuity concerned sacrifices and modifications to the established storylines.

4. What impression did this lack of preparation have on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier?

Falcon and the Winter Soldier struggled to discover a clear thematic technique, largely attributable to underdeveloped villains often referred to as Flag Smashers. The story failed to totally uncover her motives, leaving a void all through the narrative. This preliminary disappointment raised questions concerning the modifications made to the sequence’s distinctive creativity and foresight.

5. How does Secret Invasion relate to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier?

Secret Invasion introduces the concept that the Skrull invasion was initially imagined to be a part of the storyline of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The parallels between the Skrulls, alien refugees searching for justice, and the motivations of the Flag Smashers recommend a potential hyperlink between the 2 narratives.

6. How will the MCU deal with the lacking narrative components?

The MCU could also be embarking on a retrospective methodology to repair the story’s lacking parts. By incorporating the Skrull insurgents into earlier tales, the universe can reveal their covert actions and covert wars. This retroactive setting is supposed to supply a bigger narrative construction that ties utterly completely different duties collectively in a extra cohesive strategy.

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