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Mrs. Funnybones Strikes Again: Twinkle Khanna’s Shocking Reveal About Rinke Khanna and His Hilarious Portrayal of Robots and AI Politicians


Twinkle Khanna’s intelligent juxtaposition of robots and politicians

Famous writer and columnist Twinkle Khanna, acknowledged by her pseudonym Mrs Funnybones, wrote a humorous piece not way back evaluating robots and chatbots for politicians. Alongside along with her witty writing sample, Khanna highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of every of those entities. In an Instagram submit, she shared a picture of herself standing on the entrance to a robotic present in what seems to be a museum. Alongside along with her image of herself, she talked about the title of her newest column, Bot a Joke! Why does AI reek of humor, but can lie just like the web?

The precept of incongruity: discovering humor in human weaknesses

Khanna then proceeded to share a humorous textual content modifying message alongside along with her sister, highlighting the restrictions of AI-powered autocorrect algorithms. The dialogue resulted in a typo that fully modified the that means of the message, resulting in a comical misunderstanding between the two sisters. Khanna touched on the precept of inconsistency with humor, stating that Al (referring to AI) wouldn’t have grasped the humor current in human foibles.

AI Comedian Experience – ChatGPT Jokes

Khanna additionally spoke in a pair of research by German researchers wanting on the comical prowess of ChatGPT, an AI language mannequin. Researchers discovered that of the 1,000 jokes generated by ChatGPT, 90% have been repetitions of 25 related jokes. This highlights the restrictions of synthetic intelligence in producing distinctive and genuinely humorous content material materials.

The humor of people: politicians and scientists

In contrast to AI, Khanna talked about how individuals, particularly politicians, have the uncooked potential to make individuals giggle, even unintentionally. You gave examples of scientists naming a compound that kills mushrooms after Keanu Reeves on account of his lethal roles in films. Additionally, you talked about a politician who says that the variety of ladies has elevated as a result of the Modi authorities got here to energy. These circumstances reveal the innate comedian qualities of people.

The place of synthetic intelligence in every day life

Khanna engaged her followers by asking how they began incorporating AI into their every day routines. This query reveals the rising prevalence of the expertise of AI and its impression on many points of our lives.

A daring place within the course of objectification

Apart from his humorous remarks, Khanna additionally shared a private anecdote about an incident the place he took a daring stand towards objectification within the movie enterprise. She recalled {{that a}} director requested her to make a Mandakini, referring to a provocative scene starring the actress in a well-known Bollywood film. Khanna steadfastly refused the director’s request, affirming her independence and self-respect.


Twinkle Khanna’s intelligent juxtaposition of robots, chatbots and politicians showcases his signature mixture of humor and social commentary. By the use of her witty writing, she highlights the constraints of synthetic intelligence and highlights the limitless comedian potential of human nature. Khanna’s insightful observations and private anecdotes add depth to her narrative, fascinating readers and leaving them with a smile.

Frequent questions

1. Who’s Twinkle Khanna?

Twinkle Khanna is a well known writer and columnist acknowledged for her humorous writing. She gained fame beneath the pseudonym Mrs Funnybones.

2. What did Twinkle Khanna analyze in his closing piece?

In her newest article, Twinkle Khanna deftly pits bots and chatbots towards politicians, highlighting their respective strengths and weaknesses.

3. What was the humorous change of textual content material of Twinkle Khanna collectively together with his sister?

Twinkle Khanna shared a comical textual change along with her sister, by which a typo led to a hilarious misunderstanding. The change confirmed the restrictions of AI-based autocorrect algorithms.

4. What limitations did the studio uncover in ChatGPT’s comedic abilities?

A research by German researchers discovered that out of 1000 keystrokes generated by ChatGPT, 90% have been repetitions of the identical 25 keystrokes. This means AI restrictions concerning the manufacturing of distinctive and genuinely entertaining content material.

5. How did Twinkle Khanna convey out individuals’s comedic abilities?

Twinkle Khanna has talked about cases the place scientists have named a compound after Keanu Reeves as a tribute to his deadly film roles. You additionally referred to a politician’s assertion that the variety of ladies has elevated as a result of the Modi authorities got here to energy. These examples current the pure comedian qualities of people.

6. What private anecdote did Twinkle Khanna share?

Twinkle Khanna shared an incident the place she bravely refused a director’s request to make a Mandakini for a provocative scene in a Bollywood movie. This anecdote reveals her position in opposition to objectification throughout the world of cinema.


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