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Niantic increases the limit on Pokémon Go Master Ball and launches new searches


Niantic Removes Restricted Ball Seize Assertion in Pokémon Go

In Pokémon Go, the Grasp Ball has at all times been one of many sought-after gadgets. With a 100% seize price, gamers reserve it for unusual captures. Since its launch in July 2023, coaches have tried to fill quite a few Grasp Balls. Nonetheless, the Pokémon Go assist web site beforehand acknowledged that trainers can solely carry one Grasp Ball at a time. This limitation has now been lifted by Niantic.

The rarity and significance of the ball to catch

The Grasp Ball is a widely known product of the Pokémon franchise. This ensures a worthwhile catch on any Pokémon it’s used on. This makes it terribly helpful, significantly for catching uncommon or elusive Pokémon. As a consequence of its rarity and power, trainers usually reserve the Grasp Ball for particular occasions and tough encounters.

Prohibition of carrying a couple of ball to catch

Previous to the present replace, trainers have been restricted to carrying just one Grasp Ball from their stash at a time. This meant that with a purpose to pay money for the Grasp Ball from the final Time Check, the coaches first had to make use of their present Grasp Ball. Nonetheless, Niantic has now eradicated any reference to this restrict, permitting trainers to straight maintain a number of Grasp Balls.

adjustment of the auxiliary central reference

Inside the helpful core of Pokémon Go, there’s a subsection labeled Several types of gadgets and their penalties. This half offers data on quite a few gadgets throughout the sport, together with Poke Balls. Beforehand, the Assistant Center spoke clearly concerning the Grasp Ball carrying restrict. Nonetheless, Niantic has up to date the Assist Heart and eradicated any level of this restriction.

Most up-to-date Time Trial: Catching the ball

To earn a second Grasp Ball, trainers can participate in a timed check on: The Grasp Ball. This ranking offers a sequence of ominous duties that should be completed with a purpose to pay money for the Grasp Ball. Whereas this chance permits coaches to gather extra Grasp Balls, some gamers have expressed concern concerning the homework challenge. Rural gamers particularly might take the difficulty to finish the required variety of raids.

Niantic’s reply and additional safety

We reached out to Niantic to inquire concerning the Grasp Ball restrict change. If we get any updates or statements, we are going to embrace them on this article. Within the meantime, you’ll be able to go to our Pokémon Go part for extra security and information associated to the game.

inquiries to ask

Is there a restrict to the variety of Grasp Balls I can carry in Pokémon Go?

No, there isn’t any longer restrict to the variety of Grasp Balls you’ll be able to carry in Pokémon Go. Niantic has lifted the earlier restriction that allowed Trainers to solely carry one Grasp Ball at a time.

How do I get the Grasp Ball in Pokemon Go?

Trainers can acquire Grasp Balls in Pokémon Endure in a number of methods. One method is to participate in a timed management, reminiscent of the particular Timed Take a look at: Grasp Ball. Trainers are rewarded with Grasp Balls for finishing the duties required in these assessments.

Can I make the most of the Grasp Ball to catch a Pokémon?

Positive sufficient, Grasp Ball has a 100% catch value, which means it may efficiently catch nearly any Pokémon it’s used on. This makes it helpful software program for trainers, significantly when encountering uncommon or elusive Pokémon.

Are there every other uncommon gadgets in Pokémon Go?

In fact, there are a lot of completely different rarities in Pokémon Go apart from the Grasp Ball. Examples embrace Shiny Pokémon, encounters with Legendary Pokémon, and specific event-exclusive gadgets. This stuff current distinctive advantages and options for trainers.


Niantic listened to participant suggestions and lifted the restriction on carrying quite a few Grasp Balls in Pokémon Go. This alteration permits Trainers to strategically save and use their Grasp Balls as they suppose they match. With this replace, trainers have extra flexibility and selection relating to catching uncommon and highly effective Pokémon. Timed Investigations: The Grasp Ball presents trainers an thrilling various to gather extra Grasp Balls, though some challenges could also be too tough for village gamers. As the sport continues to develop, it will likely be crucial for Niantic to think about enter from contributors and make modifications accordingly.


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