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Spider Man 2099: A must have Marvel Snap collectible, but is it worth 3000 Tokens?


The Marvel Snap Spider-Man 2099 card: is it positively well worth the worth?


The newest new card launch of the Marvel Snap Spider-Versus season is none apart from Spider-Man 2099. This weblog posts targets to disrupt what the Spider-Man 2099 card does, discover out what strategies make it higher, and what decks it may be utilized in. We may even give attention to whether or not or not that’s the value of 3000 Collector Tokens.

What does Spider-Man 2099 do in Marvel Snap?

The Spider-Man 2099 card has a value of 4 Vitality, six Power, and an opportunity to destroy an enemy card in a location the primary time it strikes there. This potential may have a big impact, permitting Spider-Man 2099 to single-handedly win a place if the opponent has a high-powered card there. Nonetheless, the cardboard he destroys is chosen at random, so in some circumstances he could solely take away a small unit. Whereas not the very best card to benefit from, it presents unusual and extremely efficient card destruction regardless of the worth and vitality of the opponent’s card.

Strategies and decks for Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099’s potential might be triggered by all kinds of Switch playing cards, similar to Iron Fist, Ghost-Spider, Cloak, and Heimdall. Nonetheless, the relocation archetype has its private limitations and weaknesses. Decks concentrating on the switch approach require a specific card order and might be affected by random areas and opposing card outcomes. Regardless of these challenges, Spider-Man 2099’s six-power by four-power stat line makes it an honest card even with out triggering the potential of him.

There are a variety of deck decisions that Spider-Man 2099 might be included in:

  1. Primary Switch Deck: This deck consists of a number of switch triggers similar to Iron Fist, Dagger, Kraven, Ghost-Spider, Cloak, Silk, Doctor Uncommon, Vulture, Miles Morales, Spider-Man 2099, and Heimdall. The purpose is to set off Spider-Man 2099’s impression by gaining extra vitality in a particular lane.
  2. Occasion Worthwhile Switch Deck: This deck relies on a profitable switch deck utilized by an occasion winner. It consists of Iron Fist, Dagger, Kraven, Ghost-Spider, Cloak, Vulture, Miles Morales, Stegron, Spider-Man 2099, Imaginative and prescient and Heimdall. This deck goals to disrupt the opponent’s board with a set motion.
  3. Good Stats Switch Deck: This deck combines the Good Stats archetype with a Switch Pack that features Spider-Man 2099. It consists of Iron Fist, Korg, Zabu, Ghost-Spider, Vulture, Dawkhawk, Spider-Man 2099, Enchantress, Miles Morales, Frana, Statura, Freccia Nera and Sera. The purpose is to outwit the opponent with playing cards with excessive stats whereas utilizing the damaging potential of Spider-Man 2099.
  4. Sera Switch Deck: This deck takes benefit of Sera’s energy-draining potential to strengthen the switch approach. Spider-Man 2099 is included to swing the momentum in your favor when it is important. The deck consists of Kitty Pryde, Nova, Angela, Hit-Monkey, Kraven, Ghost-Spider, Cloak, Killmonger, Vulture, Spider-Man 2099, Enchantress and Sera.

Do you have to spend 3000 Collector’s Tokens on Spider-Man 2099?

After testing Spider-Man 2099 in quite a few decks, it is clear that it has highly effective damaging impression however lacks consistency. His informal consideration often leads to him hitting low-value taking part in playing cards as an alternative of high-value ones. With the present meta dominated by decks that play various small fashions, it is uncommon to hit an enormous card with Spider-Man 2099. Additionally, his placement throughout the deck on flip 4 or 5 permits opponents to mess with him .

Contemplating the alternate choices inside Assortment 4, similar to Zabu, Darkhawk, or Spider-Ham, it is unlikely that Spider-Man 2099 will show to be a meta card of selection in aggressive play. After that, it is not useful to spend 3000 Collector’s Tokens on Spider-Man 2099, except you merely should play it for enjoyable.

Frequent questions

Can Spider-Man 2099 unleash his potential on totally different events?

No, Spider-Man 2099’s potential solely prompts as soon as, even in case you bounce it again handy and play it as soon as extra.

How can Spider-Man 2099’s potential be triggered?

Spider-Man 2099’s potential might be triggered by quite a few Switch playing cards similar to Iron Fist, Ghost-Spider, Cloak, and Heimdall.

Does Spider-Man 2099’s potential work reliably?

Spider-Man 2099’s potential is not at all times dependable, as he randomizes the cardboard he destroys and might often goal low-value taking part in playing cards as an alternative of high-value ones.

Is the value of Spider-Man 2099 included within the switch decks?

Whereas Spider-Man 2099 might be included in Switch decks, its effectiveness shouldn’t be assured as a result of inherent weaknesses and limitations of the Switch archetype.


Spider-Man 2099 is a robust card with highly effective destruction potential, nevertheless it lacks consistency and reliability. Random consideration and the dominance of small unit decks throughout the meta limits Spider-Man 2099’s effectiveness. Contemplating the alternate choices obtainable and the low likelihood that Spider-Man 2099 will flip right into a meta favourite card, I do not it’s useful to spend 3000 Assortment Tokens on this card. Nonetheless, for individuals who take pleasure in taking part in Spider-Man 2099 for enjoyable, it may nonetheless supply satisfying wins time after time.


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