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The alternate ending of John Wick 4 provides a clear conclusion in a less ambiguous ending


The numerous endings of John Wick: Chapter 4

At one level, there have been two utterly completely different endings to John Wick: Chapter 4. Nonetheless, director Chad Stahelski and star Keanu Reeves finally settled on the ending that made it the last word stage adaptation.

Ambiguous ending and debate

In John Wick: Chapter 4, the John Wick character is presumably lifeless on the prime of the film. Throughout the remaining scenes, we see Winston and the Bowery King standing over his grave. This happens after Wick engages in a duel to the demise with Caine, carried out by Donnie Yen, mortally wounding every murderer.

The truth that Wick’s demise takes place off-screen has sparked debate amongst followers and viewers as as to whether he is really gone on a relentless foundation. Stahelski acknowledged in an interview with Empire that the movie initially had a single ending. He revealed: We shot an ending the place you really see John Wick on the finish of the film. So it was very clear that he was alive anyway. Nonetheless, check audiences overwhelmingly appreciated the ambiguous ending.

Given viewer options, the filmmakers determined to depart Wick’s destiny unsure and open to interpretation. Whereas it could seem that he’s useless, there’s a risk that he’s nonetheless alive.

The idea of samurai etiquette and dying appropriately

Stahelski additional acknowledged that the concept of ​​Wick’s demise was the beginning line for the creation of John Wick: Chapter 4. Throughout his evaluation, he wrote a treatise on samurai etiquette known as Hagakure, which explores the artwork of demise. This satisfied the filmmakers to make Wick’s disappearance a big side of the movie.

Primarily based on Stahelski, they believed Wick ought to die, in order that they needed to search out a straightforward method to make that occur. Its objective was to handle the notion that an excellent demise can solely be achieved if one has lived an excellent life. This basic thought turned the inspiration for the movie, and the filmmakers constructed the story round it.

The reactions and the way the franchise is transferring ahead

The ambiguous ending of John Wick: Chapter 4 has left audiences in shock, and it isn’t the primary time Stahelski has delivered the surprising conclusion. He revealed that even Lionsgate, the studio behind the franchise, questioned his sanity after finding out the ending.

As for the way forward for the franchise, Lionsgate confirmed John Wick 5 earlier this yr, hinting that Wick ought to nonetheless be alive. Nonetheless, Stahelski himself has expressed uncertainty relating to the choice for an extra movie throughout the assortment. He acknowledged within the Empire interview, the truth is that I do not know.

Nonetheless, the John Wick universe will proceed to evolve past Wick’s story. Ana De Armas will star in The Ballerina, a spin-off movie with a deliberate launch in June 2024. Additionally, a sequence known as The Continental will launch on the streaming platform Peacock in September and could possibly be the main target of a younger Winston dealing with the lodge from New York. for the killers.


The various deliberate endings for John Wick: Chapter 4 reveal the cautious mindset and artistic selections made by director Chad Stahelski and star Keanu Reeves. In the end, they settled on an ambiguous ending that left Wick’s destiny unsure, permitting viewers to take sides and work collectively throughout the discussions. The idea of dying efficiently, influenced by samurai etiquette, performed a significant function in shaping the movie’s narrative. Whereas the best way ahead for the franchise stays unsure, with John Wick 5 confirmed however the choice for extra movies unsure, the world of John Wick will proceed to captivate audiences by means of spin-off ventures like The Ballerina and The Continental.

Regularly Requested Questions (FAQ)

1. Was there one other John Wick: Chapter 4 ending?

After all, two utterly completely different endings had been thought of for the movie. Nonetheless, the filmmakers finally went with the ambiguous ending seen within the remaining theatrical reduce.

2. Is John Wick actually useless on the finish of chapter 4?

Whereas John Wick is implied to die throughout the movie, his demise actually happens off-screen. This has led to debates amongst followers as as to whether or not he’s really gone.

3. Why did the filmmakers select an ambiguous ending?

The selection to simply accept solely an ambiguous ending was primarily based fully on the selection of check viewers. They responded overwhelmingly and positively to the uncertainty surrounding Wick’s destiny, main the filmmakers to depart it open to interpretation.

4. What was the inspiration behind Wick’s disappearance and the considered dying efficiently?

The filmmakers had been impressed with a treatise on samurai etiquette known as Hagakure, which explores the artwork of demise. They needed to emphasise the idea that an excellent demise can solely be achieved if one has lived an excellent life.

Whereas John Wick 5 has been confirmed, the potential for extra movies throughout the franchise stays unsure. Director Chad Stahelski expressed his uncertainty concerning the future, saying, I do not really know.

6. What spin-offs are from the John Wick universe?

The franchise could possibly be developed by means of spin-off ventures equivalent to The Ballerina, which is able to star Ana De Armas and debut in June 2024. Moreover, a sequence known as The Continental will launch on streaming platform Peacock in September, specializing in a Youthful Winston who offers with the best way to the New York Assassin Lodge.

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