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The Order of High Humans: A Testament with Desirable Improvements


Introduction: a failed firm

Testament: The Order of Excessive Human is a sport that may greatest be described as a mixture of Darkish Messiah of Might and Magic directed by Tommy Wiseau. Whereas it has eye-catching character art work and environments, in addition to a promising physics-based magic system, it in the end fails rapidly in its execution. On this weblog publish, we’ll take a look at the failings of the sport and what it units out to perform.

The language barrier

One of many largest factors about Testament is its poor data of the English language. From the inconsistencies within the title’s model to the capitalization, punctuation, and grammar errors, it is clear the sport wasn’t written by somebody with a stable command of English. This lack of consideration for the factor is irritating and detracts from the general expertise.

Disappointing gameplay and story

Whereas small indie studios can usually produce good video video games, Testament fails to ship in each gameplay and story. Whether or not or not it runs simply and lacks main bugs, the sport simply does not sustain due to the participatory sport mechanics or a gripping narrative. The fight mechanics really feel very repetitive, with a lackluster combo system, and the story is poorly outlined, leaving gamers confused and disconnected from the narrative.

Who I’m?

In Testament, gamers tackle the position of Aran, a personality who is not solid till later within the sport. Aran is an Extreme Human, a status clumsily given to the setting’s immortal ruling class with magical abilities. Stripped of his powers and armed solely with a main sword, Aran’s journey lacks clear rationalization and is determined by pressured expository monologues. The shortage of a whole introduction hinders the participant’s understanding of the story.

Be careful for the prize

The struggle in Testament is underwhelming, notably in melee encounters. Gamers discover themselves repeating the identical combos, with little variation relying on timing or enter. Archery provides some enjoyable with one-shot kills for headshots, nevertheless the options for benefiting from stealthy assaults are restricted. The spell system, whereas eye-catching, requires gamers to place away their sword to entry it. General, the fight lacks depth and smoothness.

Growth and dissatisfaction

Testament incorporates a expertise tree-based improvement system that enables gamers to concentrate on melee, archery, or magic. Whereas this methodology is helpful, it does little to reinforce the gaming expertise. Lastly, Testament falls wanting expectations and is unlikely to make an enormous impression within the model of first-person RPGs.


Regardless of the character’s intriguing graphics and environments, Testament: The Order of Excessive Human fails to ship a compelling gameplay expertise or a well-crafted story. The sport suffers from poor localization, repetitive fight mechanics, and poor narrative legibility. Whereas small indie studios usually produce spectacular video video games, Testament falls rapidly and is unlikely to make an enduring impression inside the model.


1. Who developed Testament: The Order of Extreme Human?

Testament: The Order of Extreme Human was developed by a small group of 15 folks.

2. Does sport have a mixed system?

Testament pretends to have a combo system, nevertheless it isn’t nicely applied and doesn’t supply important gameplay variations.

3. Are there any technical factors inside the recreation?

Testament works simply and doesn’t encounter any main bugs, which makes it technically sound.

4. Can gamers block or parry assaults in Testament?

Relying totally on the weapons obtainable inside the demo, gamers do not want the pliability to stem or parry assaults.

5. Does sport present a deep improvement system?

Testament incorporates a expertise tree-based improvement system that enables gamers to concentrate to totally different playstyles, however doesn’t drastically enhance the general gaming expertise.


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