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The Search for Ahsoka: Implications for the Star Wars Franchise as Thrawn Escapes to Another Galaxy


Ahsoka: The fifth season of Star Wars: Rebels

For those who’re not a fan of Star Wars: Rebels, watching Ahsoka generally is a bit disorienting as a result of it is largely a live-action fifth season of that animated sequence. However there’s nonetheless a lot for all different Star Wars followers to discover, particularly the hunt for Thrawn, who appears to desire that he take us past the confines of the Star Wars galaxy as we all know it. He is type of an enormous deal.

The potential to convey order to the post-Return of the Jedi timeline

However Ahsoka is not only a good enterprise as a result of it introduces one thing new. He additionally has the potential to lend much-needed readability and coherence to the post-Return of the Jedi timeline. Ever since Disney rebooted continuity a decade in the past, this timeline has been in full disarray.

The first order and the ultimate order

One main hole within the timeline is the rise of the First Order, which stays shrouded in thriller nonetheless. Whereas we now have some key particulars about his origins and actions between the trilogies, the total story has but to be revealed. The identical goes for Palpatine and his Ultimate Command, launched in The Rise of Skywalker, which lacked a coherent rationalization. With no additional confirmed particulars, any connection to Moff Gideon’s clone experiments in The Mandalorian season 3 stays speculative at finest.

Fill the gaps with a quest to seek out Thrawn

Thrawn’s seek for Ahsoka presents a possibility for the Star Wars franchise to fill these gaps. It’s attainable that the seek for one other galaxy that Thrawn and Ezra ended up in is linked to the existence of the First Order and the Ultimate Order, every stated to exist completely within the Unknown Areas. By exploring this utterly totally different galaxy, Ahsoka may find key Imperial remnants.

Reachable locations for Thrawn and Ezra

The query of the place Thrawn and Ezra have gone after the occasions of the Rebels finale stays a thriller. Nonetheless, we’re in a position to make some educated guesses in regards to the characters’ potential whereabouts.

1. The unknown areas

The primary risk is that they find yourself in part of the Star Wars galaxy usually generally known as the Unknown Areas. This space is troublesome to achieve and navigate as a result of stellar anomalies. Because the individuals of Thrawn are from the Unknown Areas and references have been made to this house in Clone Wars and Rebels, it will make sense that they’d be associated to this place. Nonetheless, there are not any direct references to the Unknown Areas within the first two episodes of Ahsoka.

2. Satellite tv for pc TV for PC TV for PC Galaxy: Firefist

One other risk is that Thrawn and Ezra ended up in a small satellite tv for pc galaxy that orbits the primary Star Wars galaxy. One such Galaxy PC satellite tv for pc TV is Firefist, described in reference books as the house world of assorted species of unfamiliar areas. Firefist could also be related to one of many many reborn empires within the Unknown Areas, making him a robust candidate for his destiny on Ahsoka.

3. One other complete galaxy

Albeit a lot much less noticeably, it is believable that Thrawn and Ezra ended up in a completely totally different galaxy and associated in measurement to the Star Wars galaxy. This can be an unprecedented twist, as no character from the Star Wars galaxy has ever traveled to a definite whole galaxy in any story. The late Expanded Universe featured a story regarding the Yuuzhan Vong, aliens who invaded the New Republic from their very own galaxy. Nonetheless, its inclusion is just not a part of Disney continuity.

4. One other dimension: hyperspace

Hyperspace in Star Wars is just not merely a method of journey, however a definite actuality craft. Thrawn and Ezra is also trapped in hyperspace or transported to a spot past regular bodily actuality, just like one other dimension.

Ahsoka’s significance to the Star Wars universe

Regardless of the place she holidays, it is crucial that Ahsoka uncover extra than simply one other fascinating Star Wars journey. The sequence has the potential to make main contributions to the general Star Wars narrative and fill within the gaps left by earlier movies and displays.

Continuously requested questions

1. Is it attainable to see Ahsoka with out prior info on Star Wars: Rebels?

Whereas Ahsoka is a direct sequel to Star Wars: Rebels, it may nonetheless be loved by followers of Star Wars as a complete. Nonetheless, earlier details about Rebels might enhance your viewing expertise.

2. Will Ahsoka have present choices on the rise of the First Order?

Thrawn’s analysis on Ahsoka may present some perception into the rise of the First Order. Nonetheless, because the sequence remains to be ongoing, it is not attainable to say for positive what info will probably be revealed.

3. Is Ahsoka linked to Moff Gideon’s clone experiments in The Mandalorian?

Whereas there have been theorized hyperlinks between Ahsoka and Moff Gideon’s cloning experiments in The Mandalorian season 3, there are presently no confirmed particulars linking the 2 storylines.

4. Is it attainable to think about hyperspace as one other dimension within the Star Wars universe?

Positive, hyperspace in Star Wars is depicted as separate plane from actuality moderately than merely a faster-than-light methodology of journey. Thrawn and Ezra might have ended up in hyperspace or one other dimension.


Ahsoka has the potential to convey much-needed coherence to the post-Return of the Jedi timeline in Star Wars. Exploring Thrawn’s quest and the unknown galaxy he and Ezra ended up in, the sequence is poised to fill in vital gaps within the narrative. Whether or not it is the Unknown Areas, a satellite tv for pc galaxy like Firefist, one other galaxy totally, and even a completely totally different dimension, Ahsoka has the chance to make main contributions to the Star Wars universe and provides followers a deeper understanding deep. . customary.


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