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The unveiled misery of Big Mom in One Piece


The vitality of Huge Mom in a single piece

Huge Mom, certainly one of many former 4 sea emperors on this planet from One Piece, is a monstrous fighter with nice energy. Her measurement of 4.388 billion berries speaks of her vitality and notoriety. All through historical past, Huge Mom has showcased various signature powers, together with her personal devastating capacity referred to as Misery.

Soru Soru no Mi Power by Huge Mom

The availability of Huge Mom’s powers lies in her Devil Fruit, the Soru Soru no Mi. This Paramecia-type Devil Fruit provides her the ability to rule over souls. With full administration of all souls, Huge Mom can rip out anybody’s soul and manipulate it nevertheless she pleases. She is going to rework these souls into Homies, inanimate objects alongside along with her private soul, or imbue them into residing objects equivalent to wooden. Huge Mom may even retailer these souls inside herself, rising her energy.

One in all Huge Mom’s strongest skills is Soul Pocus. With this vitality, she is going to immediately kill anybody who fears or hesitates in entrance of her. Huge Mom may even give souls to issues inside her physique, just like her bones, permitting her to heal from any harm. Additionally, she is going to sacrifice her private lifespan to get a significant vitality increase. All these expertise combined collectively make Huge Mom a formidable powerhouse.

The Peculiar Mates of Huge Mom

Huge Mom has used her private soul to create specific Homies in 4 occasions in One Piece. Prometheus, the hearth Homie, permits Huge Mom to rule blazing flames. Zeus, the Homie storm cloud, grants her management over thunderstorms and lightning. In Wano, Huge Mom switched Zeus to Hera, whose powers look like far more highly effective. Lastly, Napoleon, her hat reworked right into a sword, is a very efficient weapon utilized in fight.

When these Homies are fused collectively, they kind the Maser Saber, an especially highly effective weapon able to chopping by nearly something. This fusion additionally provides rise to Misery, an enormous lady able to concurrently manipulating lightning and hearth. Her misery can electrocute and burn her targets, making her an unstoppable energy.

Misery’ bond with mother Carmel

Misery, Huge Mom’s strongest assault, holds a deeper which means. It’s principally primarily based on Mother Carmel, a significant determine in Huge Mom’s life. Mother Carmel took her in and raised her, though she had ulterior motives. Nevertheless, Huge Mom does not overlook that Mama Carmel was eaten by her on her sixth birthday.

The anguish represents the Huge Mom’s beliefs and her ongoing seek for options relating to her previous. Huge Mom has but to be searching for options on what occurred to Mother Carmel. Paying homage to Carmel with Misery, Huge Mom concurrently honors her beloved determine and unleashes the strongest assault on her. Whereas Huge Mom has been defeated, there may be the potential for her to return sooner or later and proceed her seek for options.


Huge Mom, certainly one of many former 4 emperors of the ocean in One Piece, possesses nice energy and signature powers. Her Soru Soru no Mi Devil Fruit grants her management of souls, whereas her particular Homies, equivalent to Prometheus, Zeus and Napoleon, improve her preventing expertise. The fusion of these Homies provides rise to Misery, Huge Mom’s strongest assault, representing her continued seek for options to her previous. Whereas she is defeated, there’s a likelihood that Huge Mom will return and be taught extra of her previous.

Frequent questions

Q: What’s the measurement of Huge Mom?

A: Huge Mom has a bounty of 4.388 billion berries.

Q: How does Huge Mom manipulate souls?

A: Huge Mom’s Devil Fruit, the Soru Soru no Mi, permits her to have full management over souls. She is going to snatch souls and manipulate them as she pleases, giving them to indwelling issues or issues, or holding them inside herself. This manipulation varies in accordance with the diploma of concern or hesitation her targets have towards her.

Q: Who’re Huge Mom’s particular associates?

A: Huge Mom has created just a few Homies utilizing her private soul, together with Prometheus, a chimney Homie, Zeus, a storm cloud Homie, and Napoleon, his hat turned sword. These Homies possess far more vitality than different Homies seen in historical past and have absolute authority over them.

Q: What’s anguish?

A: Misery is Huge Mom’s strongest assault, manifested when she combines all of her specific Homies collectively utilizing the Maser Saber. Anguish takes the kind of an enormous lady able to manipulating lightning and fireside concurrently, making her a formidable energy.

Q: What’s the connection between Misery and Mother Carmel?

A: Anguish is predicated on Mother Carmel, a vital determine within the lifetime of Huge Mom. It represents Huge Mom’s ongoing seek for options to her previous and pays homage to Mother Carmel as her strongest assault on her. Huge Mom has but to seek for options to what occurred to Mother Carmel, who was eaten by her on her sixth birthday.


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