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Unleash the power of nature with OENKLEN Organic Mouthwash!


Introducing OENKLEN – the pure mouthwash maker

In case you’re on the lookout for a substitute for typical mouthwash that is available in plastic bottles and incorporates substances which might be undoubtedly harmful, then you definitely’re undoubtedly in enterprise with OENKLEN, the producer of pure mouthwashes. This contemporary gadget was just lately launched on Kickstarter and has already exceeded its funding objective by elevating over $150,000 with the assistance of over 830 backers. With eight days remaining within the advertising marketing campaign, you continue to have the chance to take part within the first rooster engagements, which supply a really low value of roughly 45% off last sale worth.

OENKLEN pure mouthwash producer is a sport changer within the case of oral hygiene. It makes use of superior microelectrolysis experience to remodel faucet water into ozone mouthwash in seconds. This revolutionary course eliminates over 99% of harmful oral germs via focused sterilization, supplying you with a brand new and improved cleansing expertise. In contrast to conventional mouthwash merchandise, OENKLEN takes benefit of the property of ozone water, which has been confirmed to be a secure and efficient oral cleaner.

Some great benefits of OENKLEN

OENKLEN is designed to boost your oral care routine and provide you with more healthy enamel and gums. Combining the perform of ozone water with common brushing and flossing, this gadget affords further complete and long-term decision to assist optimum oral well being. The ozone mouthwash created by OENKLEN not solely kills harmful microorganisms and viruses, but additionally helps freshen breath and cease tooth decay.

One of many many key advantages of OENKLEN is its simplicity and ease of use. With the contact of a button, you may flip faucet water into ozone mouthwash in seconds. The gadget is compact and transportable, making it excellent to be used at residence or on the go. As well as, OENKLEN is environmentally pleasant, eliminating the necessity for single-use plastic bottles and lowering waste.

How OENKLEN works

OENKLEN makes use of superior microelectrolysis experience to remodel irregular faucet water into ozone mouthwash. As water passes via the gadget, it undergoes a course of often called electrolysis, which splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen molecules are then recombined to kind ozone, a particularly efficient disinfectant. The ozone water produced by OENKLEN is then ready for use as a mouthwash.

To make use of OENKLEN, merely fill the gadget with faucet water, press the power button, and wait just some seconds for the ozone mouthwash to be generated. You may then rinse your mouth with the ozone water, swirling it for a really helpful 5 seconds earlier than spitting it out. Ozone mouthwash will efficiently kill harmful oral germs, leaving your mouth contemporary and clear.


OENKLEN is revolutionizing the way in which we take into consideration oral care. By harnessing the construction of ozone water, this contemporary gadget affords a safer and less complicated various to conventional mouthwash merchandise. With its superior experience in microelectrolysis, OENKLEN transforms faucet water into ozone mouthwash in seconds, delivering focused sterilization and eliminating over 99% of dangerous oral germs. Say goodbye to plastic bottles and harsh chemical substances and say howdy to a model new and improved cleansing expertise with OENKLEN, the producer of pure mouthwashes.

Regularly Requested Questions (FAQ)

Q: How does OENKLEN work?

A: OENKLEN makes use of superior microelectrolysis experience to remodel faucet water into ozone mouthwash. This course of entails splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen by way of electrolysis, then recombining the oxygen molecules to kind ozone, a robust disinfectant. The ozone water produced by OENKLEN can be utilized as a mouthwash to eradicate harmful oral germs.

Q: Is ozone water secure for oral hygiene?

A: Certain, ozone water has been used as a secure and dependable oral cleaner for a couple of years. Efficiently removes microorganisms, viruses and fungi from the mouth with out antagonistic results or drug resistance. OENKLEN’s experience harnesses the benefit of ozone water to offer a extra thorough and environment friendly cleansing expertise than conventional mouthwash merchandise.

Q: Can OENKLEN be used with braces or completely different dental tools?

A: Certain, OENKLEN can be utilized with braces, in addition to different residence dental tools. The ozone water generated by the gadget is secure to make use of with varied dental cures and doesn’t trigger any hurt to your dental work or residence tools. The truth is, utilizing OENKLEN’s ozone mouthwash will assist hold your braces and varied dental home equipment clear and free from dangerous microorganisms.

Q: Is OENKLEN environmentally pleasant?

A: In fact, OENKLEN is environmentally pleasant. By eliminating the necessity for single-use plastic bottles usually related to widespread mouthwash merchandise, OENKLEN helps cut back plastic waste. The gadget is reusable and requires solely faucet water to ship the ozone mouthwash, making it a sustainable alternative for oral care.


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