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Watching the Perseid Meteor Shower: Witness 100 Shooting Stars Per Hour!


Witness the spectacular Perseid meteor bathtub

From Tom Acres, specialist reporter

Overview of the Perseid meteor bathtub

The annual summertime Perseid meteor bathtub is about to peak tonight, providing skywatchers the prospect of witnessing a few of the spectacular shows of celestial sweetness. The meteor bathe has been brisk since final month and might proceed till August twenty fourth. Nonetheless, the ocean reaches its most depth through the night from Saturday to Sunday, with as much as 100 star photographs per hour. From dazzling fireballs to meteors with lengthy trails, the Perseid meteor bathtub is bound to amaze onlookers.

The most effective time to watch the Perseid meteor bathtub

When you want to see perhaps probably the most spectacular spectacle, the Royal Greenwich Observatory recommends staying up between midnight and 5:30 on Sunday. All this time, the sky is darker and the meteors could also be at their peak as effectively. Nonetheless, even from nightfall it’s best to have the ability to spot some meteors as Perseid is repeatedly discovered on the UK horizon. For optimum visibility, specialists advocate searching for meteors when the moon is under the horizon or in its waxing half. Moonlight acts as pure, delicate air air pollution and might make fainter meteors tougher to see. It is normally sensible to mitigate gentle air air pollution by discovering a location away from metropolis lights, much like an open house.

Ideas for a pleasant expertise within the meteor pool

1. Discover out the right viewing place: The Perseid meteor bathtub is most seen within the Northern Hemisphere. To keep away from gentle air air pollution, go to the countryside, a park or your backyard.

2. Let Your Eyes Change: Give your eyes a couple of minutes to regulate to the darkness earlier than observing the meteor bathe. Keep away from your cellphone all this time to take care of an important night imaginative and clairvoyant.

3. Management the local weather: Handle the climate forecast to your space. Whereas the southeast, Japan and central England are anticipated to see clear skies, different areas might expertise cloud cowl. If the climate does not cooperate, don’t be concerned because the meteor bathtub will proceed for greater than per week.

Why are Perseid meteors seen?

Regardless of their small dimension, the size of a grain of sand, the Perseid meteors provide an astonishing seen spectacle as a consequence of their unimaginable velocity. These meteors journey at a staggering 130,000 mph after coming into Earth’s setting. Upon coming into, they start to dissipate in scorching temperatures starting from 1,648°C (2,998.4°F) to five,537°C (9,998.6°F). The Perseid meteor bathe happens yearly when the Earth passes by the mud particles left behind by comet Swift-Tuttle. The meteors seem to come back from the constellation Perseus, named after the Greek mythology hero who killed Medusa.

Questions incessantly requested

1. What’s the Perseid meteor bathtub?

The Perseid meteor bathe is an annual celestial occasion that takes place through the summer time months. It’s identified for its excessive prepare and lovely film stars.

2. When does the Perseid meteor peak?

The Perseid meteoric bathtub reaches its most through the evening from Saturday to Sunday, with as many as 100 stars photographing landscapes per hour.

3. When is the very best time to look at the Perseid meteor get moist?

The Royal Greenwich Observatory recommends staying awake between midnight and 5.30am on Sundays for the optimum viewing expertise. That is when the sky is at its darkest and the meteors might also be at their strongest.

4. How can I enhance my meteor bathtub visibility?

To enhance visibility, attempt to observe the meteor bathtub when the moon is under the horizon or on its waxing aspect. Cut back delicate air air pollution by discovering a spot away from the lights of the metropolis.

5. Why are Perseid meteors seen?

Perseid meteors are seen as a consequence of their unimaginable velocity and imminent combustion of their particles within the earth’s surroundings, leading to a formidable daylight present.


The Perseid Meteor Bathe is an attention-grabbing celestial event that provides viewers the angle of witnessing photographed stars and exquisite daytime shows. Plunging yearly through the summer time months, the Perseid meteor bathtub reaches its peak through the evening from Saturday to Sunday, with as many as 100 meteors seen per hour. To boost your viewing expertise, discover a location away from gentle air air pollution, permit your eyes to regulate to the darkish, and test the climate forecast. Benefit from the marvel of the Perseid meteor bathtub and marvel on the wonders of our universe.

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